Ojibway Originals

Join Frankie and Friends as he talks with Kookum about the old ways.

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Barbara Nolan

Hours of teaching with Barbara Nolan. Watch Barbara as she teaches Ojibway for the classroom.

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Ojibway Stories

Coming soon to Ojibway TV. It's classroom stories in the Ojibway language.

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Call For Submissions!

We love hearing from our community! We are now accepting submissions for our Indie category, If you have a short video that you would like to submit, please contact us today.

Ojibway TV .com

It's been called the Ojibway version of Netflix. OjibwayTV is a Language Learning video streaming tool to help teachers with the Ojibway Language.

On December 12th, We are pleased to introduce the world to OjibwayTV. Our very own Ojibway Language Video Streaming Service.  This Apple TV App is designed to help young people learn the Ojibway Language.

TV For Other Languages?

If you would like your own Apple TV Video Streaming App, please contact us via our Request For Quote Form.


More Language Programming

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